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About Onnie Music

Onnie Music Group has been in the Entertainment Industry for a few years.  The company was formed at an opportune time, when the industry was going through many mergers and acquisitions, producing a major opportunity for new independent labels in this cyclical business.  A result of these consolidations is the trimming of artist rosters, with the major companies retaining only the acts that sell in excess of Gold and Platinum sales.  This creates a void for new and recognized, talented artists whom previously have fulfilled a most profitable niche within the industry.  The Onnie Music Group is committed to the signing and recording of a select and elite group of artists embracing the jazz and adult contemporary musical spectrum.

Onnie Music Group is creating a new model for entertainment companies offering attractive ‘partnership deals’ for the artists.  This provides for a tremendous incentive for the artists to create a sound recording of the highest caliber, yet within the framework of a relatively low recording budget.  In turn, it is imperative for the company to market the projects in the most cost effective manor utilizing all distribution channels available globally today, including interactive media, the Internet and traditional ‘brick and mortar’ retail for the marketing and sales of contemporary music.  The end result will be heightened sales with a more conservative marketing cost emanating in a greater shared profit for both the artist and the label.          

This new model will allow the company to not be restricted to the guidelines and policies in place at major labels.  Onnie Music Group will have the ability to pursue strategic alliances with major retail accounts, the digital distribution channels, and all available alternative marketing opportunities, as the industry itself begins to understand and standardize the policies and legislation for a fair and legal way of the promotion and selling of music.            

Focusing on artists and music appealing to the 35-65 adult market suggest that class, education and affluence are all desirable components of the make-up of this audience.  The Company plans to exploit this market comprised of strong, desirable demographics.  Additionally, the Company is also developing a longer-term plan to acquire additional content of historically significant jazz master recordings, develop music compilation series, and develop strategic alliances in stage plays and entertainment venues. This will be brought about through licensing agreements and the future purchase of a catalog of proprietary master recordings from live performances of recognized jazz luminaries.