Jaszmine (Jaszy) Marie Gates




Jaszmine Gates, better known as Jaszy, is an only child born and raised in Gary, Indiana on September 19, 1998.

She explains, “I am my own inspiration and role model. Who can push me more than I can push myself? It’s up to me and only me to strive and be the greatest. For me to let myself down, is letting my ego down, and the world down. My self-talk is, inspire yourself, be your own motivation, your own leader with positive aspects, and you will always be great.”

Like a magnetic tool, Jaszy’s heart, soul, and mind are something you couldn’t run from because everyone seems to be attracted to her. Music and sports are her special gifts. She started playing basketball at the age of five, and swimming throughout middle school. Pulling from an inner strength, Jaszy also loves Taekwondo. She states, “if you fight, you fight to kill.” She understands how to control her temper and when to be humble – just don’t test her.

Jaszy graduated from Calumet New Tech High School in June of 2016. A few years later she pursued her interest in entertainment at Illinois Media School, where she sharpened her skills and developed her talent in Television and Radio Broadcasting. Being on the big screen, on stage with lights shining, is what she loves! She is a graduate of Illinois Media School with a Certificate of Completion November 15, 2019. While in broadcasting school, Jaszy made some awesome connections, learned a lot of things, and is ready to start her career journey. As her music career grows, she also wants to pursue acting. She has had some previous acting experience in a few plays early in life. Jaszy cut her teeth with a few songs on YouTube and has teamed up with Onnie Music for greater exposure, which will help take her to the next level. Jaszy is just getting started and says, “Save a seat for me at the award shows and more.”

Jaszy is fun to be around, always making people smile or laugh. With her effervescent personality it doesn’t take long to realize that everybody loves Jaszy.