Artist Development

We have worked with everyone from Jennifer Hudson to John Legend. Onnie Music Group is committed to the signing and recording of a select and elite group of artist encompassing the jazz, blues, adult contemporary, and gospel musical spectrum.

Focusing on artist and music appealing to the 35-65 adult market suggest that class, education and affluence are all desirable components of the make-up of this audience. The company plans to exploit this market comprised of strong, desirable demographics. Additionally, the company is also developing a longer term plan to acquire additional content of historically significant jazz master recordings, develop music compilation series, and develop strategic alliances in stage plays and entertainment venues. This will be brought about through licensing agreements and the future purchase of a catalog of proprietary master recordings from live performances of recognize jazz luminaries.




We help you develop a world wide presence, freeing up your time to express yourself through your craft. Let our experienced event planners handle your touring details so you have more time to concentrate on what you do best. Our management team is focused on working behind the scenes to help you. Giving you time as an artist to become more comfortable on stage. We support the back office so you can devote your time to developing and rehearsing your performance. Providing you comfort to where going on stage is like coming home. We’ll help you make the stage your home.