Music Producer

We oversee the production of each project bringing together instrumental and vocal elements completing a total package for each artist.

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Artist Development

We have worked with everyone from Jennifer Hudson to John Legend.


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Media Connections

Taking your vision around the globe on TV, Radio, and social Media.


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Who Are We

Onnie Music is an independent record label based out of Chicago, Illinois. As specialists in the genres of Jazz, Blues, and Gospel, Onnie Music delivers some of that old Chicago soul with every track. In addition to music, Onnie Music is here for video production needs, like video automation and music video shoots.

We can record video while recording your in-studio recording sessions, and even livestream if you’d like. Also, we can provide reel to reel analog recordings.

Established since 2006, Onnie Music has worked with a number of incredible Grammy-nominated and Grammy-winning artists such as: Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas, The Chicago Blues Kings, The Lewis Singers, and Felton Crews.

We take pride in our strong ties with the disabled community as we continue to create opportunities for all musicians. Onnie Music is currently creating music workshops within academics. With our musicians’ various backgrounds, we aim to showcase the authentic diversity and inclusion that music has globally.


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