Media Connections

Taking your vision around the globe on TV, Radio, and Social Media. We have access to connections within the entertainment industry that span over 35 years. These Connections help to make Onnie Music a premium choice for artists looking to expand or create a brand entity in the industry.

The experience, intense drive, and style Kenny brings to the table helps steer many of our artist in the direction they want to go. We at Onnie take time to listen to what you want and develop a plan that is structured around your personal interest, musical style, and future goals. Developing a musical career that is worthy of multimedia attention. In addition to his music career, Kenny Coleman has been in music education since 1985, which continuously allows him to build upon his industry network with a community of fresh, local, empowered musicians and media personal. These connections reach across the Entertainment industry and still flourish today within Onnie Music. Some of our connections include.

Radio – Program Directors in the US and International

Video – Connections to TV Networks like BET, social media outlets like YouTube and Facebook