Music Producer

At Onnie Music we oversee the production of each project bringing together instrumental and vocal elements completing a total package for each artist. This production company is the brain child of professional musician, writer, arranger, producer and performance instructor Kenny Coleman. He is one of Chicago’s premiere Jazz and Blues percussionist. He has been involved in the professional music industry as a session player, composer and producer for more than 20 years. Kenny has collaborated with many big names in the music industry. If you are committed to learning the art, his years of experience playing musical VIP performances in the studio and on stage are sure to put you on the road to success.




Work in state of the art recording studios which have relaxing professional environments

that help lead to heightened  creativity.



Onnie Music Network

Onnie Music has a network of partners that work together to make up a dynamic team of Studios, Producers, and Engineers that when needed come together to form a solid creative network.






Musicians and Background Vocals

Onnie Music has an impressive talent pool of artist that has a repertoire of music who are available on an as needed basses to assist in recordings and live events.








We help you develop a world wide presence, freeing up your time to express yourself through your craft. Let our experienced event planners handle your touring details so you have more time to concentrate on what you do best. Our management team is focused on working behind the scenes to help you. Giving you time as an artist to become more comfortable on stage. We support the back office so you can devote your time to developing and rehearsing your performance. Providing you comfort to where going on stage is like coming home. We’ll help you make the stage your home.